The Artists

John Minka is a schooled illustrator, and certified tattoo artist. He has illustrated for magazines, designed for production and has painted for studios. A born artist, creating artwork is something he has to do, it's not a choice.

After a full apprenticeship in tattooing, and over twenty years of experience, John is taking all of his studio creativity and offering you Bewitched Tattoo. A new salon style tattoo studio that thrives on completing the client's dreams. True artists for your tattoo, trained in bloodborne pathogens for safety.

John specializes in black and gray, fantasy realistic tattooing. He also understands that it is what the customer wants or needs, that is important.

Hey guys! My name is Toriee Baker and I'm the newest addition to Bewitched Tattoo! I've been apprenticing here for a while now and I'm so happy to be learning from such an amazing mentor, John Minka. I'm so grateful for this entire experience. I've been an illustrator since as long as I can remember. Even back to my childhood, I have memories of drawing and/or painting with my Meemaw. I'm ecstatic to be using all of that for my career today. Side Facts About Me! I have been doing some modeling for a couple of years now, and I hope to continue that alongside my tattoo career. I'm 22 years old, and am an October baby! Speaking of October, I work for a haunted attraction called Screams at the Beach! I'm a makeup artist and an actor! It's something I take a lot of pride in and enjoy doing very much! In high school, I was a Landscape Design and Environmental Technologies major. That transfers into my career today because flowers still remain as one of my favorite things to draw! I'm so excited to use all of these aspects of my life to further my career! I also can't wait to meet all of you Bewitched lovers! Come in and say hello sometime!
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